Replacement of supports and seals

In many bridges or viaducts, the replacement of their supports or their repositioning due to their malfunctioning is a relatively simple activity due to the possibility of supporting the hydraulic system on the structure itself in order to lift it and proceed with the replacement of the supports.

Even so, the operation must be carried out with suitable machinery and personnel specialised in this type of activity.

Replacement of supports

When displaced or damaged supports are observed, they must be replaced. 

Release the anchorages, raise the structure, place the new supports and return the structure to its initial position.

Gauge increasing

The increase in the volume of goods transport traffic or the replacement of asphalt layers means that bridges and overpasses lose the clearance gauge for the passage of higher vehicles.

Grupo ORION provides a solution to these problems by raising the structures that pass over the roadway. 

To do this, hydraulic jacks are used to raise the structures to the height required in each case, even being able to give transverse camber and increase or reduce the longitudinal slopes of the bridge, if necessary.

Dilatation seals

Dilatation or plasto-elastomeric seals works well for structures with movements of less than 50 mm and heavy traffic.

Its execution is based on a mixture of hot bituminous mastic with selected special aggregates after the asphalt has been dug on both sides of the structural joint.

Neoprene seals

Reinforced neoprene seals are elastomer rubber profiles with internal reinforcing steel reinforcement. This type of gasket is anchored to the gasket lips by means of resin-anchored bolts.

Metal profiles

Reinforced neoprene seals with internal metal profiles are suitable for medium to large movements with moderate heavy traffic.

'Book' type

Reinforced neoprene 'book' type joints with expansion bellows are medium movement profiles that work well in structures with light traffic.

Modular and comb seals

Modular seals can be used in all types of bridges and viaducts, regardless of their movements. Their installation is technically very complex and requires thorough planning of the process as well as highly qualified personnel.

Its durability is very high, even under conditions of intensive use, and allows for a maximum degree of watertightness.

Grupo ORION is an approved installer of modular seals from the German manufacturer Maurer Söhne.