Technical Demolition

The most common systems used for the demolition of structures are the traditional systems. These systems, based on large demolition machinery, often cannot be used due to site conditions such as the proximity of buildings in use, the existence of road traffic or the need to preserve adjacent areas. It is in these latter cases that diamond demolition is of greatest value. 

Wall cutting

Grupo ORION has a large number of wall sawing machines, both hydraulic and high frequency, with a wall cutting capacity of 90 cm. thick, with discs of up to 200 cm. in diameter. 

This type of cutting is carried out by fixing guides to hold the head, which is controlled by remote control. 

This allows us to obtain a finish with great precision and safety for the operator.

Wall saws use diamond cutting discs and their cooling is always wet, although there is also the possibility of dry cutting. 

These saws are used for dismantling concrete structures, opening new accesses to structures or modifying them. 

Their main characteristic is their high cutting speed and accuracy, which means that the execution times are greatly reduced.

Demolición técnica - Corte Mural

Wire cutting

Demolición técnica - Corte con Hilo Diamantado

This method of cutting of reinforced concrete, based on the use of a diamond-coated wire, allows for great versatility as it can work with complex surfaces and volumes.

It can also be used as a preliminary process for demolition or cutting complex shapes in concrete. Due to the use of the wire as a cutting tool, vibrations and noise are almost non-existent.

This system can be water or air cooled depending on the working area.

Demolition with Darda jacks

Hydraulic breakers can replace other demolition methods, such as blasting or expansive concrete.

These machines are distinguished by their ability to break rock and concrete without producing shock waves, vibrations, dust, or noise. Their breaking force, which is easily controlled manually, is in excess of 400 tonnes. They are lightweight, highly accurate and suitable for use in confined spaces or hard-to-reach places.

Manual hydrodemolition

Hidrodemolición manual

For the execution of small repairs in structures, corners, etc., hydro-demolition is used by means of a manual lance.

The water jet achieves the extraction of the concrete mainly due to two factors: 1. The direct impact force exerted by the water jet on the surface of the concrete and 2, by overcoming its tensile strength without difficulty due to the porosity of the concrete.

After using this technique, the resulting surface is rough, which is an advantage for the necessary adhesion of the coating to be applied after hydrodemolition.

In these cases, low flow rates are used, up to 30 litres per minute, at a high pressure of more than 2,000 bar.

Robotic hydrodemolition

When it is necessary to carry out specific demolitions of structures, these are carried out by coupling the ultra-pressure water jet lance to an auxiliary machine, obtaining a highly precise tool for the demolition and restoration of reinforced concrete.

The use of robotic systems for demolition with pressurised water allows for improved performance with maximum safety requirements. Once the width and depth parameters of the work to be carried out have been defined, the robot works automatically to achieve the objectives set.

The applications of hydrodemolition in new construction or rehabilitation are multiple, and range from the restoration of reinforced concrete affected by degradation processes to execution errors, design errors or construction modifications.