In our daily lives, if we look closely at our surroundings, we can see that signage is in constant contact with us; thanks to continuous learning, we internalise the indications and symbologies to carry out daily tasks with ease.

At Grupo ORION we develop the different activities of signage, beaconing and containment systems, with the widest range of materials available on the market.

Horizontal signage

Two components horizontal signage

If we want to achieve high quality applications guaranteeing the durability of the road markings, we must resort to the application of two-component paints both by manual systems and by automatic application using airless and thermoplastic machines. This type of application is often used in the painting of symbols, pedestrian crossings, etc.

Definitive horizontal signage

Our company has the latest machinery for the application of conventional or water-based acrylic paint on motorways, national roads and municipalities, obtaining large productions.

Vertical signage

Road signs comprise the set of traffic signs that establish a general language for all drivers. 

The purpose of this language is to warn, inform, order and regulate their behaviour, in accordance with the provisions of the Road Safety Act and the General Traffic Regulations. It is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of road safety.

Grupo ORION Señalización carries out an exhaustive analysis of the needs of the same, before, during and after its installation.


In the Grupo ORION team we understand signage to be the use of certain elements, easily perceptible by the road user, whose purpose is to help, warn, alert and, in short, highlight the presence of traffic regulations and the traffic alterations to which they give rise.

Metal barriers and parapets

Vehicle restraint systems are designed to be installed on roadsides to restrain vehicles in the event of an accident causing them to leave the roadway, thus avoiding collisions with obstacles outside the roadway, falls down steep slopes or encroachment onto other roads. These systems are certified and CE marked.


Pressure water jetting is a totally ecological treatment that allows the collection of all the waste removed from the treated track by absorption and its transport to a recycling plant where it will be suitably treated.

In addition, the high yields that are achieved allow a reduction in costs.