Industrial flooring

The use given to pavements gives rise to the need to coat them to improve their mechanical, chemical or aesthetic properties.

In the last 30 years there has been a great advance in the development of paving systems based on synthetically formulated products that improve the properties of both new pavements and those to be rehabilitated.

The application of this type of coatings improves the characteristics of traditional concrete pavements, increasing their chemical and mechanical resistance, making them waterproof and giving them improved aesthetics.

Food industry

In the food industry, the sanitary requirements and the adaptations of different regulations are very high and must be complied with.

If we add to this the intensive use given to this type of finishes, this leads to the need for flooring with high mechanical and chemical performance that facilitates decontamination, cleaning and maintenance.

In order to achieve high efficiency in the cleaning of this type of flooring, it is necessary to take into account details in the finishes that are not necessary in other types of flooring, such as the perimeter half-rounds, the ends against drains or evacuation gutters.

Car parks

The trend in workshops and underground car parks is to finish them with a treatment that is brighter, anti-dust and that also allows the concrete to be protected with easy-to-clean finishes, avoiding permanent dirt from spillage of oils, lubricants, etc. The finishes can be paints (epoxy or polyurethane), multi-layer anti-slip finishes or self-levelling finishes, complying with slipperiness regulations.

The most common treatments for this type of infrastructure involve treating the substrate and then applying several coats of highly abrasion-resistant paints, making it possible to differentiate between the running lanes and the car parks. Even in car parks with many years of service, the deteriorated support can be regularised.

ESD antistatic

Conductive floor coverings are required in a wide variety of industrial and hospital activities. Essential in ESD areas, operating theatres, warehouses, flammable product areas, laboratories, etc. where electrostatic discharges can damage products or sophisticated electronic equipment or cause explosions.

Complying at all times with international ISO, DIN, ASTM and ANSI standards. Seamless and easily decontaminable surfaces that prevent bacterial growth, suitable for operating theatres and sanitary areas where hygiene and cleanliness are essential.


Every day there are more and more sports facilities that need suitable surfaces for the practice of the corresponding sport.

The execution of this type of flooring can be carried out on cementitious or asphalt substrates.

In the case of outdoor facilities, the types of finishes range from aliphatic polyurethane resin-based paint to acrylic coating, or technical flooring on rubber that provides greater comfort and convenience during sporting activities.


The continuous urban development means that the different leisure and recreational facilities are competing to differentiate themselves from each other.

In this field, the development of decorative flooring begins in all its fullness. This eagerness to stand out from the crowd, provokes the need for different artistic combinations that give the premises the required uniqueness.