Building Waterproofing

In the building sector there are many technical systems commonly used to guarantee the waterproofing of roofs, terraces, balconies, garages and basements. The ORION Group offers its clients a wide range of possibilities, ranging from traditional waterproofing systems using asphalt sheets to the most modern systems based on continuous polyurethane or polyurethane membranes.
Waterproofing of Transitable Roofs

Within the existing waterproofing typologies for building roofs, inverted roofs that are going to be exposed to pedestrian use or light traffic, require specific materials with very high watertightness, mechanical resistance, durability to weathering, as well as guaranteeing an adequate application on the different singular elements that make up the roof.

Polyurea or polyurethane-based materials comply with all the above requirements, with the ETA (European Technical Assessment) being the differentiating element between manufacturers.

Roof Restoration

Systems based on the projection of polyurethane or polyurethane membranes allow the rehabilitation of roofs with great technical complexity, both due to the number of existing installations on them and the need for application on different types of substrates, such as: asphalt, steel, glass, concrete, etc. They also have excellent properties of durability and stability against ultraviolet radiation, which allows them to be used on roofs and other outdoor building structures.

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